K-Pop Aerobics – The newest way to sweat it out in Singapore!

Who would have thought that K-pop aerobic classes would be so much fun?

To be honest, I am not a fan of K-pop. The thought of “Gangnam Style” and sychronized dance performances, with performers that you honestly can’t tell apart , just does not appeal to me. Yet it is taking the world by storm, so there has to be something that draws the masses right?

Enter Maddy Lim, an aerobics instructor who pioneered aerobics classes to K-pop dance routines, AND one of our newest hosts on BeMyGuest! Catching that “K-wave”, she welcomes travelers to Singapore to join in the fun as she brings her unique aerobics classes with a Korean pop twist, which have caught on with a loyal following of local Singaporeans.

So when I was on my way to meeting our newest member to the BeMyGuest family, I was a little apprehensive. But I kept an open mind and I was looking forward to sweating it out after a long day sitting down on my bum in front of a computer at the office.

Meeting Maddy was like being hit with a friendly, bundle of energy and enthusiasm. She really sets the tone with a relaxed atmosphere, and that her classes were not about nailing the moves right, but just to sweat it out and most of all, have fun dancing to some of your favorite korean pop tunes (I’d admit that the they were pretty catchy) along with dance moves that were simplified from actual dance routines (as you can see from the video).

Maddy’s K-pop aerobic classes are open to everyone of all ages, and they are definitely interesting for travelers to Asia and Singapore in general who have no exposure or knowledge what-so-ever on what K-pop is, or who like me, just want to know what all the fuss is about! I’m still not a fan of the music, but Maddy’s K-pop aerobics classes are great fun to check out.

This blogpost was written by BMG’s Marketing Intern – Aza. For a local experience in any part of the world, like what Aza enjoyed, visit BeMyGuest.travel and meet a local host, just like Maddy!

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